The Be Joyous Journey

Founded in Melbourne, Australia Be Joyous is a High Protein Almond Milk Drink which is Gluten Free and Lactose Free enhanced with a Lactase Enzyme.
When we started this was nothing but an idea spoken over the phone one night in 2016, 11 months later what was once a conversation had turned into reality.

At the very beginning the concept was based on the Founder's personal experience while amateur MMA training. A bad weight cut led to seeking an alternative source of milk to blend with Protein and Almond Milk is what he favoured due to it's high fibre, good fats and low calories. After some market research we noticed that barely any Almond Milk or Protein Drinks on offer come unprocessed or without multiple preservatives & stabilisers. This called for an alternative to be created and this is where Be Joyous was born.  

Be Joyous prides itself on being cold pressed minus the stabilisers and preservatives. Each bottle is high pressure processed to ensure longevity without sacrificing quality or flavour.

We wanted to offer an alternative to the market which did not exist until now. We cater for a broad range of dietary requirements from Gluten Free, Lactose Intolerance to FODMAP.

The Journey


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